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In Golang programming, the Worker Pool concurrency pattern is often used. A high-performance, feature-rich, and easy-to-use Worker Pool program should include which features?

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A high-performance, feature-rich, and easy-to-use Worker Pool program in Golang programming should include the following features:

  1. Task Queue: The Worker Pool needs a task queue to store pending tasks. This queue should be thread-safe and support multiple workers fetching tasks from it simultaneously.

  2. Dynamic Adjustment of Worker Numbers: The Worker Pool should be able to dynamically increase or decrease the number of workers based on the number of tasks and system load.

  3. Graceful Shutdown: When there are no more tasks to process, or when a shutdown signal is received, the Worker Pool should be able to shut down gracefully, i.e., stop accepting new tasks and wait for all started tasks to complete before shutting down.

  4. Error Handling: The Worker Pool should be able to handle errors that occur during task execution, for example, by providing an error callback function.

  5. Task Timeout Handling: The Worker Pool should be able to handle task execution timeouts, for example, by setting a timeout period. If a task is not completed within this period, it is considered a failed task.

  6. Task Priority: The Worker Pool can support task priority, prioritizing tasks with higher priority.

  7. Task Result Retrieval: The Worker Pool should provide a way to retrieve task results, for example, by providing a result callback function.

  8. Task Retry: For failed tasks, the Worker Pool can provide a retry mechanism, for example, by setting the number of retries and the retry interval.

  9. Task Progress Tracking: The Worker Pool can provide task progress tracking, for example, by providing a progress callback function, or a method to query the current task progress.

  10. Concurrency Control: The Worker Pool should be able to control the number of concurrent tasks to prevent system overload.

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I want to develop a Worker Pool program, named GoPool, and open source it on GitHub. Now I need you to help me write an English, which should include the features you summarized.

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Here is a draft of the file based on your requirements:


GoPool is a high-performance, feature-rich, and easy-to-use worker pool library for Golang. It is designed to manage and recycle a pool of goroutines to complete tasks concurrently, improving the efficiency and performance of your applications.



To install GoPool, use go get:

go get -u


Here is a simple example of how to use GoPool:

// code example here


We welcome contributions! Please see for details.


GoPool is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Please modify this file according to your actual project situation, for example, you may need to provide a specific usage example, or add installation and contribution guides, etc.