Welcome to the Prompts Sharing Website

This website is a platform for developers to share prompts that they have used to generate code with GPT. The content is organized by "org-project", meaning that each project under an organization has its own dedicated space.

For example, you will find directories like devchat-ai/gopool at the same level as this homepage. Inside each project directory, there is an index.md file that introduces the project, and a commits directory that contains markdown files for each commit.

Each commit file stores a commit and its corresponding prompts. The prompts are the instructions that developers give to GPT to generate code, which is then committed via git. This creates a 1:N relationship between a commit and its prompts.

This website aims to foster a community where developers can share, explore, and learn from each other's prompts. Feel free to explore the projects and their commits. Enjoy the journey of discovering interesting prompts and how they have been used to generate code!

Hosted Projects

Here is a list of projects currently hosted on this website:

Project Name Project Description Commits and Prompts
GoPool GoPool is a high-performance, feature-rich, and easy-to-use worker pool library for Golang. Commits and Prompts